By this time, you are asking, how can I write a more than 10,000-word dissertation in just four weeks? Besides schooling, you may have other daily commitments, including a part-time or full-time job and taking care of the family if you are married. Therefore, writing this academic work within a short period may look impossible. Nothing is impossible once you are committed to it. You can complete your dissertation as quickly as possible by following these steps.

  1. Break it down

Breaking down your dissertation into smaller segments makes it look easy to do. For example, if it is a 10,000-word dissertation, break it down into 2,500-word segments to make it manageable. Alternatively, you can write it chapter by chapter and combine chapters that have fewer words. So, you can combine the abstract, introduction, and conclusion and write it within one week by spending one or two days on each. The literature review chapter can take a full week. All these can become practical and possible when you set deadlines. Knowing that you are working within a stipulated timeframe, you try your best to achieve that target.

  1. Plan your writing

It is impossible to achieve your daily writing target without planning. You should have all your research done and other materials readily available before you sit to write. Also, list all the crucial points, which would form the framework of your project. Once you complete a section, it becomes easier to move straight to the next one since you already have the points laid out.

  1. Write the abstract, introduction, and conclusion last

You should always leave the abstract, introduction, and conclusion parts of your dissertation until you complete the main body and other chapters. It sounds weird, but that’s the recommended practice. Writing these sections of your academic work last makes you have a full complement of your work and include essential points in suitable areas.

  1. Reference correctly

Referencing correctly is very important in dissertation writing. Any mistake you make at this point may result in being accused of plagiarism and have a drop in marks. Every university has its referencing style, so be abreast of that of your university. If in doubt, speak to your supervisor on how to go about it. To reference correctly, always write down the sources you pick information and reference on the go.

  1. Create your bibliography

The depth of your bibliography depends on the number of sources you relied on for your dissertation. If you have a long list of references, don’t wait till you complete the entire project before writing the bibliography, do it as and when the sources are used. This will save you from having to go back and forth for sources you used.

  1. Proofreading

Proofreading your work helps to correct grammatical errors you missed in the writing process. After writing every chapter, go over it at least once to identify all forms of grammatical or composition errors and wrong attribution of data. Read over again after finishing the entire project. This shouldn’t be done silent, but as if you are presenting to a crowd. That said, it is always best to seek a third party’s service to do the proofreading. It could be a colleague or a professional.

  1. Be positive

Keeping positive and having a focused mind helps you to do the unthinkable. Don’t ever think that completing a dissertation in four weeks is an unachievable feat; such a mentality can defeat you even before you start. Be positive, find a serene working environment, remove all sources of distraction and start writing.

  1. Don’t adjust your routine, be efficient

You wouldn’t need to change your entire daily routine just because you want to complete a dissertation in four weeks. On the contrary, all you need is to be effective and efficient. Know how to manage your time and avoid waste. Sleep when you need to, eat well, have some break times, and when it’s time to work, do it without entertaining any distractions.